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CMCS has been helping business, as well as home users, find their computer solutions since 1999.  Our success is due to not only formal education and training, but also our drive to discover what is best for the situation at hand.

Our credentials and training include degrees in Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Networking, MCSE certification and over 20 years hands-on experience.

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Businesses both large and small live by the phrase "time is money" and cannot afford to be faced with computer "downtime" due to software or hardware problems. In today's highly competitive and technical world, computers have become a vital part of our success and unfortunately a possible cause of our failure.

Help ensure your success by protecting your hardware investment. Along with preventative and proactive maintenance, we have professional consultants and offer a complete line of hardware, software and overall computer support services to meet almost any need. 

CMCS can turn "downtime" into productivity by providing personalized, professional systems analysis and repair.

We are dedicated to quality service and durable long-lasting products.

Onsite worry-free help for computer repair, upgrades, maintenance, service, support, problem diagnosis, and new computer installation and setup. We also offer expert virus & spyware removal for your office computer network!


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