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Whether your business is large or small, in today’s digital world, computers play a major part. Having a computer system that is tailored to your business needs is where CMCS can help. We will consult with you to be sure you have what is needed to get the job done at the same time keeping in mind that no one wants to spend more than is necessary.  

If your business is large and requires installing and networking several computers, or if you just need to upgrade a single computer with the latest hardware and software, we can take care of you.

CMCS can connect you to the internet with DSL, Cable or Dial-up, whichever is best for your business. We provide web hosting, email and will even design your website for you.

Perhaps you are concerned about viruses or hackers corrupting your system. CMCS can install innovative security and privacy solutions to relieve your worries. And if it’s too late, we also provide virus removal.

Every call we take, every business we help, every computer we touch…matters. At CMCS, service is about constant and never-ending improvement.


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